System Administration Service Catalog

When a problem involves working with your application provider or hardware OEM, our team will be with you all the way until the problem is solved.

System Administration Service Catalog

7LTEK are rapidly running out of suitable physical space to house servers and are facing challenging maintenance, power, and cooling requirements for existing and expanding systems. Server Virtualization has become a mainstream solution to help address these issues providing a scalable, cost effective, efficiently managed virtualization environment for the campus.
When a problem involves working with your application provider or hardware OEM, our team will be with you all the way until the problem is solved.
As the testimonials on this site show, our customers are vocally happy. This is why our customer retention figures are some of the highest in the industry. Our earliest customers are either still with us or have been acquired by other, larger companies. This is one of the reasons we are one of the best values available for premium Linux SysAdmin services. Talk to us to see what others in the industry already know.
Customer Retention

Whether you are looking for cover when your sys admin takes a vacation or you need to replace someone who has left, 7LTEK has the system administration service that is right for you.

Premium Solutions

If your servers are integral to revenue generation, you need them to be up. We are constantly asking ourselves: What is the right way to ensure your systems are there when you need them. Customers have long memories, well after a problem has been resolved, people will still talk about it. This is why we try to prevent problems before they occur, and ensure when they do occur that appropriate countermeasures are taken. The best care for your critical systems.

Linux Consulting

We know Linux inside and out. LAMP, Databases, High Availability, Capacity Analysis, Monitoring, Backups, VPNs, DNS, Automation, Storage, Firewalls, and Security. These are just a few of the things we do every day. We develop workflows and monitoring to ensure that work is done right the first time, every time. We want to be a part of your success story.

Linux in the Data Center

We work with servers in Data Centers around the world on a daily basis, remotely from our home base in Santa Clara, USA. Working with data center staff, or servers hosted in our own facility, we can quickly provision and repair systems. Our remote operations and VPNs provide us with secure access to quickly solve your problems, without the delays incurred due to travel time. State of the art facilities plus top-notch system administration equals reliability you can count on.

Community Participants

We have a long history of actively participating in the Linux and Open Source communities. Chances are, your Linux system is running some software we have worked on the development or distribution of. If you are looking for someone who knows the Linux inside and out, not just what is in the quickstart guide, we’re a good choice.

Part of Your Team

Our solutions are customizable to your needs. Whether you are a one-man-shop just getting started, or already have a team of SysAdmins, we can provide the help you need. We can fine-tune our offering to work in exactly the way you need. Providing backup for an existing SysAdmin, taking over the reins while you look for that perfect hire, or developing your entire infrastructure, it’s all something we’ve done before.

Cloud Services

The move to the cloud has provided many significant benefits to agile organizations. However, to reap the rewards you have to fully understand the capabilities and limitations of their environments. We can help jump-start the process of deploying your applications to the cloud, customizing past research and development into the right solution for your needs. Experienced SysAdmins are a necessity for robust cloud deployments, as the news reports of cloud-based outages continues to report.

We Avoid Being Heroes

Some SysAdmins come in when everything is down and deliver a heroic effort to get services back on-line. Many outages, with a little bit of forethought, can be prevented. An outage that never happens means revenue generation doesn’t grind to a halt. Heroes are great — on TV. In the Data Center, the real heroes are the ones who quietly prevent problems.

Research and Development

We are constantly testing and trying new software and architectures in our lab. The things that work are graduated into production environments, providing benefits of cutting-edge technology to our clients. Agile companies realize significant cost savings and can do things the “big guys” are too slow to take advantage of. David and Goliath in your Data Center.

Practice What We Preach

Our own services are hosted out of our data center, using the same policies and procedures that we bring to our clients. We are constantly fine-tuning our operations to improve efficiency and reliability, looking for creative solutions to everyday problems. We are pioneers, testing out new software, services, and hardware on our own test and production environments, before graduating them on to clients systems. The solutions we provide you we have real-world experience with.

Developers > DevOps

Many companies have their developers doing double-duty. But creating the applications your customers need, and managing the systems that deliver them are very different skill and experience sets. Development and Operations tend to involve problems that are approached very differently. We can bring experienced SysAdmins to your team, allowing your developers to do what they do best: Deliver ground-breaking services that your customers can’t live without.

7LTEK system administrators have the skills necessary to  ensure your business critical systems run optimally.

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