Cloud SYSadmin

Cloud computing is nothing but a large number of computers connected through the Internet/Wan. Cloud computing is now part of technology and sysadmin must lean:

Cloud SYSadmin

  1. Automation software such as puppet, chef, etc.
  2. Cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Openstack etc.
  3. Network services in cloud such as Content delivery networks (Akamai, CloudFront etc) and DNS servers.
  4. Source control
  5. Designing best practices for backups, and whole infrastructure.

When your business critical systems needs someone to manage and tune it, but you don’t need a full-time system specialist,  7LTEK can help.

Cloud Benefits

Users of Cloud services can realize significant cost savings by provisioning machines only when they are needed, and scaling servers to more closely match actual load. They provide tool-boxes which can be used to deploy robust services. We can help with the selection of a suitable Cloud provider and matching their available tools to your specific application needs. Jump-start your Cloud deployment by calling on our significant experience with the top Cloud providers.

Right-sized Infrastructure

Not all cloud deployments are created equal. You are leaving money on the table if you aren’t taking full advantage of the cloud tools at your disposal. For example, YEZDO reduced their cloud costs by over 60% by using this technique. Ensure you are getting the most out of your infrastructure by asking us for an audit.

SysAdmins Needed

While many predicted that Cloud providers would reduce the need for SysAdmins, the reality has shown that our role is as important as ever. Backups, monitoring, disaster preparedness, capacity management, deployment management… All these are as important as ever and not something delivered by typical Cloud providers. Our services are an important part of successful cloud services.

Cloud SysAdmin

If you are looking at the Cloud you already know the benefits of getting exactly the resources you need when you need them. Our services scale just like your cloud does, eliminating inefficiencies of having under-utilized head-count. Our team of SysAdmins allows coverage even over holidays, vacations, and sick-leave. Our services are right-sized and scale to match your need


The myriad of providers each offer different tool-sets. Selecting the best fit for your application and getting the most from those tools requires extensive research, development, and testing. We leverage our past experience with the leading Cloud providers to get you up and running fast, bypassing the common pitfalls. We know Cloud computing.


The cloud is not fire-and-forget. The benefits of cloud computing come with a cost: they are more complex in architecture than traditional dedicated machines. This added complexity presents many new failure modes that need to be detected and handled. This is why YEZDO has a program that ensures their infrastructure is robust in the face of failures. Monitoring and management can dramatically decrease your costs and increase reliability in Cloud environments. Our monitoring solutions keep your customers happy.